Time 4 Fractions (K-5th)

We are taking again our Time 4 Fractions journey (3rd edition !) . I update the posts weekly  as well as the links hereafter  !

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“Time 4 Fractions” is a home-journey of exploring fractions, encouraging children’s mathematical thinking and math discussion.  A peaceful journey I did with my daughter, first when she was in 1st grade, then again when she was in 2nd grade. In the Fall 2017, we will take the journey again ! Each of the word problems can be explored from K to 5th grade.

I was inspired by the Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI, Carpenter et al., 2014), and the exploration of fractions through Equal Sharing problems (Empson & Levi, 2011).  For 12 weeks, I invited my child to solve a problem in “a way that makes sense to her”, and share her reasoning out loud. For 12 weeks, I posted my experience as a parent listening to her. In CGI classrooms, teachers build up their instruction from the students’ thinking and math discussion. At home, though, we mostly stay focused on the exploration as such, leaving formal instruction to the school.

I am always astounded by how much I learn following my child’s way of thinking, and how much she seems to enjoy exploring a problem, taking her time, changing the set of numbers, using a variety of manipulatives or drawing a picture, and sharing what she does. Away from peer pressure, and time pressure.  I just hope you and your child find the same joy as we did during our “Time 4 Fractions” journey.

Have fun !


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