Time 4 Fractions (K-5th)

Quick link to our sequence of word problems, as updated in the Fall 2016

About our Time 4 Fractions journeyIMG_0470

“Time 4 Fractions” is a home-journey of exploring fractions, encouraging children’s mathematical thinking and math discussion.  A peaceful journey I did with my daughter, first when she was in 1st grade, then again when she was in 2nd grade. In the Fall 2017, we will take the journey again ! Each of the word problems can be explored from K to 5th grade.

I was inspired by the Cognitively Guided Instruction (Carpenter et al., 2014), and the exploration of fractions through Equal Sharing problems (Empson & Levi, 2011).  For 12 weeks, I invited my child to solve a problem in “a way that makes sense to her”, and share her reasoning out loud. For 12 weeks, I posted my experience as a parent listening to her.

I am always astounded by how much I learn following my child’s way of thinking, and how much she seems to enjoy exploring a problem, taking her time, changing the set of numbers, using a variety of manipulatives or drawing a picture, and sharing what she does. Away from peer pressure, and time pressure.  I just hope you and your child find the same joy as we did during our “Time 4 Fractions” journey.

Have fun !


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