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I am a doctoral student in Math Elementary Education, who takes great pleasure in constantly thinking about how I could apply what I learn not only with elementary students in a classroom, but also with my own children. I am also very interested in connecting schools and homes, building up a bridge between what is learned at home and what is learned at school.

And that is what I share here: what I do at home to strengthen what my kids learn at school and support their mathematical thinking, hoping to help others . My daughter is 8, and my son is 5. The pen names they picked? Rosie and Tom.

I have been leaving in the U.S.A. for over a decade, but I grew up in France. I enjoy exploring how teaching is done here, compared to there. And take the best of each. With a tiny-smally-littly accent.

And because I have such a passion for math elementary education, I need to, I have to share it. With you. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, someone supporting a child’s math thinking, I hope you find you find something of interest !

Welcome to my blog.

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  • lillian

    So nice to meet you this sunny morning! Thanks for stopping by and Likng my About. One of the best things about joining this blogging world 3 months ago, is the Return Policy that seems indigenous within the process. As in someone Likes something on my site and I get to stroll on over to mee them…and 9 times out of 10, I meet a very intersting person so I can connect with in one or several ways, and see their passion whether it be words, art, photography etc. Seems to me we have one big thing in common….at least I think we do. You have a passion for math (although it seems to be a long seeded passion)….and I’ve discovered a passion for writing poetry (just since February)! You are MUCH younger than me….but that’s okay — I’m in my rejuvenatement period (read my About for an explanation) and still enjoy skipping down the sidewalk, albeit with my grandchildren, kids of my kids! :) So here’s the thing…..I think many people are intimidated by math — I sure was….still am, I guess. I also think many people are intimidated by poetry — just the words “math” and “poetry” can send shivers down some spines — as in EEEEOW! BUT, I think it’s because of the way both are so often taught….painstakingly, tediously, making it WORK instead of a process to enjoy and apply. Right?
    So here’s to enjoying more math and poetry!
    Stop by, meander around….I shall do that more this evening over my glass of wineW

  • Jahnavi Chintakunta

    You got a great blog here. The concept of teaching Math via a blog is wonderful. I will get some tips from your blog for my 5 year old kid. :-)

  • Math Vault

    Hehe… that’s lovely. I’m not born in France, but I live in a place that speaks French. While we occasionally accept high school students, we mainly cater to undergrad and graduate students in higher mathematics, and this opens up our perspectives as our students range from nurses, prospective doctors, accountants to education, business, science and engineering students. It’s a really interesting experience. :)


  • Belinda O

    I think your blog is so important and so well done — I have a post scheduled today telling people about it! It will post at 6:40 Central Time. I hope it brings you some more traffic!!!!

  • Belinda O

    I also added you to my blogroll, which I finally figured out how to do. You have a very specific market and I want everyone who might be interested to have a chance to hear about your blog!

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