Update Time 4 Fractions – Problem #10 – Sharing apples

My daughter and I went on a 12 week-journey last year to explore Fractions. We are doing it again this Fall/Winter. I am updating the posts, in case you want to join us this year

Here is the problem for the week.

Time 4 Fractions –  Problem #10 – Sharing apples

Yellow – 2 people want to share 3 apples so that each of them gets the same amount. How many apples would each get?

Orange – 4 people want to share 9 apples so that each of them gets the same amount. How many apples would each get?

Red – 6 people want to share 4 apples so that each of them gets the same amount. How many apples would each get?

As always, invite your child to either model the problem (with paper and scissors for instance) and/or represent the problem with a picture. If your child has learned about fractions at school, invite him/her to connect symbols to the model or picture. And as always, invite your child to share his/her reasoning with you !

Yellow leads to 1 apple and a half, Orange leads to 2 apples and a 1/4 of an apple, and Red leads to 4/6 of an apple, or its equivalent 2/3, depending on the strategy the child may use.

Sharing my experience (Fall 2015)

My child went with Level Yellow and Level Orange. I was surprised to see her writing a fraction symbol (1/4). She apparently learned the symbol on her own while playing an education game on the tablet, through a short video, showing a pizza, cut into halves, fourths, and eights. Pretty neat, but at one point, the video talks about 3 fourths of a pizza (3/4) left to eat showing … 6 eights of a pizza (6/8). The 2 fractions are equivalents, but how puzzling to hear 3/4 and see 6/8 of a pizza ? 

Sharing my experience (Winter 2017)

There is a significant gap between Level Orange and Level Red, so of course, it is perfectly fine if a child decides to explore only Level Yellow and/or Orange. My child tried Level Red by sharing the apples in halves, providing half of an apple to each child but having some left over. We will be back next week to explore further !

Enjoy !


Empson, S. E., and Levi, L. (2011). Extending Children’s Mathematics: Fractions and Decimals. Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann. ISBN-13: 978-0325030531.

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