How Many #3? In Beaufort, NC

If you want to start our journey “How Many?” from the beginning, please click here. The goal is to look around  and ask our children:”How many?”. It is up to them to count whatever they want. As always, I hope it helps you see all the counting that can be done around. Search #unitchat on Twitter to find some more !

I took the picture below a few weeks ago and was curious to hear what a child would count. I tried with Rosie, 8, last week, and we had indeed a fun discussion around counting numerals, letters and words. She started counting the numerals written in the arabic numeral system (e.g. 1  7  0  9), and added the numerals written in the roman numeral system (e.g. XII, II).  Then, she counted the letters on the top of the clock (e.g. T   O   W   N , etc), and noticed that the roman numeral system used on the clock was based on …. letters. More letters to count!  We compared the 4 numerals in 1 number (1709) with the 4 letters in 1 word (town). We also talked for a while about the roman numeral system as we read a book mentioning it not so long ago (if you don’t remember, it is here). What is interesting with the clock is that 4 is written as IIII (i.e. 4 ones) . Often, it is written as  IV (i.e. 5 minus 1) similarly to the representation on the clock of the  VI (i.e. I on the right of the V to represent 5 plus 1),  IX (i.e. I on the left of the X to represent 10 minus 1) and the XI (i.e. I on the right of the X to represent 10 plus one). But in this case, if 4 is written as IIII, why 9 is not written as… VIIII ?

It was indeed an interesting picture to discuss, you may want to give it a try.

So:  “How many?”




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