Another angle to equity

My graduate studies give me plenty of opportunities to discuss math with my kids. But they also take me on a reflective journey about other crucial components of education, such as diversity and social justice. I often share my thoughts at home as well. Indeed, exploring the concept of equity and social justice is a moving journey that I encourage everyone to embrace. And I don’t think it is ever too early to start.

You may be aware of a cartoon from Craig Froehle (2012), that has been used widely on the web to explain equality vs equity *. It represents 3 people using boxes to try to watch a baseball game behind a fence.

I found it quite helpful to grasp the difference between equity and equality. So I drew a similar picture to my kids. I guess I could have just showed them the initial cartoon, but I knew they would be more engaged listening to the story while I was drawing. Besides, they could imagine whatever they wanted behind the fence.

But then, recently, I found additional pictures, where the attention is no longer focused on the boxes, but on the fence itself.  A new angle to equity.

People can see through the fence. Or even further, the fence is no longer present.

How interesting. How poignant.

Time to go back to my markers and draw a better world.


* an instructive post on the evolution of the initial drawing can be found here.


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