Exploring the e-community of math education

Sometimes, I feel like I am rowing upstream, supporting mathematical thinking at home while so many school decisions are still based on test results, leading numerous parents and educators to teach quick “tricks” rather than providing daily opportunities to make deep sense of math. Meeting people sharing my beliefs in math elementary education at a conference last month was extremely refreshing. Fortunately, such revitalizing feeling did not end with the conference. I noticed that, indeed, plenty of ideas and thoughts related to mathematical thinking are daily shared through the web.

Twitter, for instance, seems to be a puissant platform. I knew about it, of course, but I had never taken the time to explore it before the conference. Since it was widely used by the organizers as well as many of the participants, I decided to give it a try. I do not expect to tweet a lot. Indeed, the cogitative person I am is truly out of her comfort zone on Twitter: I have seen me drafting a Tweet, thinking about it, amending it, redrafting it, and ending up … deleting it, as the “time” to tweet my thought had past. But there is another powerful angle of Twitter I look forward to digging into: its use as a database. Whether you follow people from the field of math elementary education or search hashtags related to math education, Twitter seems to open the door to endless resources.

Also, it is time for me to explore further the blogosphere. The conference made me discover three blogs that I will follow with deep interest. I sure will keep you posted with other findings.

Whether you read my blog as a parent and/or an educator, I sure hope this post will help you connect with the e-math-community. The more, the merrier !

Would love to hear from you !

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