Exploring word problems throughout Summer

Summer break is here, and we are back to exploring word problems regularly.

Here is a good source of word problems if you want to do the same:

South Dakota Booklet

As always with our math journeys (e.g. Time 4 Fractions or WedWordPro), I simply invite my child Rosie, 8, to solve a problem in a meaningful way to her (Cognitively Guided Instruction, Carpenter et al, 2014), and share her thinking out loud. Drawing a visual representation on paper to make sense of the problem, using manipulatives (e.g. buttons, Legos®, Base Ten block, flashcards to fold and cut, etc), writing an equation and solving the problem using a strategy of her choice, it is up to her, I just listen 🙂

Enjoy !


  • Carpenter, T., Fennema, E., Franke, M., Levi, L. and Empson S. (2014). Children’s Mathematics, Second Edition: Cognitively Guided Instruction. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. ISBN-13:978-0325052878.

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