“Dinosaurs and squirrels” by Tom.

Sometimes, I feel discouraged. Wondering if what I do at home with my kids in math will help them be successful in a country where so many decisions are based on test results, so far away from: “Tell me about what you did. How did you figure it out?”.

Then came my son Tom, 4 year old. “I invented a Math story, Mom ! Do you want to hear it ?”.

“One day, there were 3 dinosaurs. Then, they met 2 squirrels. But the dinosaurs said: “It is not enough! We can’t each have a friend !”. So they keep walking, and met another squirrel. Now, there is 3 dinosaurs, and 3 squirrels. So each dinosaur can have a squirrel as a friend! “

Thanks Tom. It was just what I needed to hear to cheer me up.

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