Field trip to Timeland

My daughter has been working on reading time at School. When we did one of our WedWoPro problems on time (here), I could tell that she was  quite curious about it. She started asking questions about clocks: do they all have numbers? Do they all have 2 hands? Are they all round?

Why don’t we go on a field trip, Rosie?

Now, hearing “field trip” always works like magic with my kids.  When? Where? What do we need to bring? Could we have a picnic there?

Saturday. Craft store. Camera. Well…

If your child is talking about time, give it a try. It is a lot of fun, and of course, any store with a large selection of clocks will do.

We saw numerous of clocks …


… found additional topics to discuss… (e.g. How about these, Rosie? How do they relate to clocks ?)


… and as often with field trips, unexpected moments of excitement… a number line,  right in front of us (I know, looks more like a ruler to me, may be time to find an activity to connect number lines and rulers :-)

Number line

We ended up with the plan of making our own clock. A Summer project, I reckon.


We sure will continue our exploration of time, who knows where it is going to take us.



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