WedWoPro #13 – Few more days !

Every Wednesday, I give a chance to my child to explore a word problem a way that makes sense to her. And every Wednesday, I share the word problem, and my experience with you, so you can do the same ! Click here  to start from the beginning ! Hope you join us !

Here comes WedWoPro #13. We will be working with time for another week. Just to show Rosie that time is not only about minutes and hours. A one-step problem.

WedWoPro #13 – Few more days !

Rosie was very excited. Soon, his grandma would come to visit.

  • “I can’t wait to see her tomorrow ! “
  • “I can’t wait to see her  ! Just 2 more days !”
  • “I can’t wait to see her ! Just 3 more weeks !”

If today is Wednesday, April 13, when is Grandma coming ?

Here is the .pdf if you want to print it out (WedWoPro13).

  • Level Green:  Grandma is coming on Thursday, April 14.
  • Level Orange: Grandma is coming on Friday, April 15.
  • Level Red: Grandma is coming on Wednesday, May 4.

As always, invite your child to solve the level of his/her choice a way that is meaningful to him/her (Carpenter et al., 2014) !

Sharing my experience:

Well, Rosie’s grandma actually arrived TODAY from France. Too much excitement around here… Will have to update the post later !

A bientôt !


  • Carpenter, T., Fennema, E., Franke, M., Levi, L. and Empson S. (2014). Children’s Mathematics, Second Edition: Cognitively Guided Instruction. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. ISBN-13:978-0325052878.

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