WedWoPro #12 – You have few more minutes !

Every Wednesday, I give a chance to my child to explore a word problem a way that makes sense to her. And every Wednesday, I share the word problem, and my experience with you, so you can do the same ! Click here  to start from the beginning ! Hope you join us !

Here comes WedWoPro #12. We will be working with time this week !

WedWoPro #12 – You have few more minutes !

Rosie was reading a book about unicorns and fairies. Soon, it will be time to get ready to go to School.WedWoPro12
Her daddy said:

  • “It is 7:00. In 30 minutes, it will be time to go to School.”
  • “It is 7:00. In 15 minutes, it will be time to go to School.”
  • “It is 6:50. If you read for 20 min, you will have 15 min left before it is time to go to School.”

What time does Rosie need to go to School?

Here is the .pdf if you want to print it out (WedWoPro12).

  • Level Green:  Rosie needs to leave at 7:30.
  • Level Orange: Rosie needs to leave at 7:15
  • Level Red: Rosie needs to leave at 7:25

As always, invite your child to solve the level of his/her choice a way that is meaningful to him/her (Carpenter et al, 2014)!

Sharing my experience:

Here came a loud “7:30!” as soon as Rosie finished reading the first level. OK, Rosie, but I want more… How did you figure it out?

So she started drawing a clock, the 2 hands, writing 1 to 12 on it.

What are these numbers for ? What about the hands? How would the big hand move in Level Green? How about the little hand? In Level Orange? How could you figure it out Level Red?  And so on. And so on.WedWoPro12b

Indeed, these 3 levels took us to a fun discussion on how clock works. So engaging that I will come up soon with a post dedicated to time…. Stay tuned, I should finally have more time to write on my blog  very soon.

Until next time !


  • Carpenter, T., Fennema, E., Franke, M., Levi, L. and Empson S. (2014). Children’s Mathematics, Second Edition: Cognitively Guided Instruction. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. ISBN-13:978-0325052878.

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