WedWoPro #11 – Exploring symbols

Every Wednesday, I give a chance to my child to explore a problem in a way that makes sense to her.  And every Wednesday, I share the word problem, and my experience with you, so you can do the same! Click here  to start from the beginning ! Hope you join us !

There are so many posts I would like to add on my blog, with sooooo little time right now. Please bear with me  ! I have a whole plan in mind of fun math to do  once we switched gear to Summer.  But until then, I may coast a little. And just take the chance on Wednesdays to try different tasks with Rosie and Tom.

Today, we started from an equation, including the symbols =, < or >, to write a story that would match it.

WedWoPro #11 – Exploring symbols

Write a story that would match the equation below:

  • Level green :       2 + ___ = 7
  • Level orange :     5 + ___ < 10
  • Level red :            ___ – 16 > 12

Sharing my experience: 

Exploring Level Orange was quite fun, as the symbol ” < ” leads to several solutions. Rosie was quite intrigued by that. I need to keep that in mind, and provide her with more opportunities like this. Stay tuned !

Until next time !

Would love to hear from you !

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