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My daughter used to love patterns. In Pre K, she would go to town with completing all kind of A-B patterns, A-B-C patterns, A-B-A-B-C patterns, etc, identifying patterns on clothes, in nature, etc.

Then, she kind of stopped. And I was not sure where to go from that point.

Taking my class on Algebra this semester, reviewing how patterns lead to algebra (see my previous post here), I am trying to start making patterns again. With numbers.

When we have a low key moment, I tell her a sequence of numbers. She continues it for a little while, and identify the pattern. Then, I give her another number, and she uses the pattern one more time, starting from that new number. So far, she has enjoyed it. Your child may too !

Here are a few examples of what we have been doing. Adding / subtracting 2 (e.g. 0    2     4    6     8. What comes next? How do you know?), Adding/subtracting.  Soon, we will likely move to adding/ subtracting 5, 10 and 100. I may also add a story to the pattern. I may also ask her how she would represent the pattern on a number line, one of the representation she uses at school. And move up to more complicated patterns.

It is fun, and a good way to keep kids busy when they get bored in the car,  in a waiting room, or while waiting in line somewhere. A win-win way to do math.

Would love to hear from you !

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