WedWoPro #9 – Making Crepes

Every Wednesday, I give a chance to my child to explore a problem a way that makes sense to her.  And every Wednesday, I share the word problem, and my experience with you, so you can do the same! Click here  to start from the beginning ! Hope you join us !

Here comes WedWoPro #9. As always, 3 levels of difficulty, green, orange and red. I know, I know, it involves a recipe… using the metric system. But there is no conversion involved, just making more or less batches. Still, I had an approximation in cups and pint, if you want to stay with numbers under 10.

WedWoPro #9 – Making Crepes

Here is our favorite recipe to make Crepes (for 4 people).

  1. 250 grams of flour        or       2 cups
  2. 1/2 liter of milk          or        1 pint
  3. 4 eggs
  4. 2 table spoon of sugar
  • What amount of each ingredient do we need to make 2 batches of Crepes ?
  • What amount of each ingredient do we need to make Crepes for 8 people ? 
  • What amount of each ingredient do we need to make Crepes for 2 people ? 

Here is the .pdf if you want to print it out (WedWoPro8).

  • Level green – 500 grams of flour (or 4 cups), 1 liter of milk (or 2 pints), 8 eggs, and 4 table spoon of sugar.
  • Level orange –  same amounts as in level green, except the child has to see that, because the recipe is for 4 people, and we want it for 8 people, you must double the recipe and all ingredients.
  • Level red: you have to make 1/2 of a batch i.e divide all ingredients by 2 : 125 grams of flour, 1/4 liter of milk, 2 eggs and 1 table spoon of sugar.

Sharing my experience:

I almost lost Rosie within 10 seconds,  at “250 grams”, so we started with talking about the strategy to use with the eggs, then the cups of flour, the pint of milk. She saw that we would have to make 2 groups of each ingredient and solve the multiplication as a repeated addition (i.e we need 2 groups of 4 eggs, that’s 4 eggs + 4 eggs, etc). And was OK to try the same strategy with 250 grams. She does not know yet how to add 250 to 250 at a symbolic level, but she does know that 250 can be decomposed into 2 Hundreds, 5 Tens, and 0 Ones. So with the Base Ten blocks (click here to know more about these blocks), she came up with 4 Hundreds, and 10 Tens, that she composed into 1 Hundred. I think it is very helpful for kids to manipulate the Base Ten blocks to fully understand our Base Ten system. If you go to a Montessori classroom, you would be astounded by their math material, and how kids, starting at 3, make sense of numbers.

Finding the amount of milk was really cool ! Adding another 1/2 liter to 1/2 liter? It is like when I share a whole cookie with my brother, it is 2 halves of a cookie. So it has to be a whole liter of milk ! I sure hope she will not lose this way of thinking once she starts using fraction symbols.

Eggs, sugar, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We did Level Green and Orange.

Enjoy ! It was a great review of several math concepts for us. And do not hesitate to try the recipe !  It is the one we use quite regularly (will gladly update the post with a picture soon). Crepes with Peanut Butter, I have to admit that my kids are trully French-American :-)

Until next time !

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