WedWoPro #4 – In the workshop !

Every Wednesday, I give a chance to my child to explore a word problem a way that makes sense to her. And every Wednesday, I share the word problem, and my experience with you, so you can do the same ! Click here  to start from the beginning ! Hope you join us !

Here comes WedWoPro #4. Bear with me, I just got a scroll saw for my birthday, my mind is in my workshop.

WedWoPro #4 – In the workshop !WedWoPro

“Who wants to come with me in the workshop?”, said Grandma.

“Meeeeeeeeee !”, said Tom.

They decided to make some toys.

  • “Let’s make 2 red motorcycles and 1 blue motorcycle”, said Tom.
  • “Let’s make 5 cars and 7 motorcycles”, said Tom.
  • “Let’s make 6 cars, 8 trucks and 3 motorcycles”, said Tom.

How many toys did Tom want to do ?

Grandma said :

  • “We need 2 wheels to make a motorcycle”.
  • “We need 4 wheels to make a car and 2 wheels to make a motorcycle”.
  • “We need 6 wheels to make a truck, 4 wheels to make a car, and 2 wheels to make a motorcycle”.

How many wheels do Tom and her Grandma need?

“Tomorrow, we could also make some garages for the vehicles!”, said Tom.

  • “Each garage can fit 3 vehicle”.
  • “Each garage can fit 4 vehicles”.
  • “Each garage can fit 5 vehicles”.

How many garages do Tom and her Grandma need to make ?

They put their gloves on, their safety glasses on, and started working on making toys!

Here is the .pdf if you want to print it out (WedWoPro3).

  • Level green: 3 toys, 6 wheels, and 1 garage.
  • Level orange:  12 toys, 34 wheels, and 3 garages.
  • Level red:  17 motorcycles, 78 wheels, and 4 garages (3 garages with 5 vehicles and 1 garage with only 2 vehicles).

I always invite my child to solve the problem in a meaningful way to her. She can use  manipulatives or draw a picture to represent the problem, and explain out loud her reasoning. Depending on your child’s skills, he/she can also write an equation, explaining how each part relates to the problem. We also discuss words from the problem she may not understand (i.e. “vehicles”), information she may need that are included in the text. Let me know if you have any questions !

Sharing my experience:

Reaching week 4 of WedWoPro, I can see that my daughter is getting used to the format of the word problems, and the 3 levels of colors.  We explored level Green one day, and level Orange the following day. The second question brought a LOT of math discussion, as she solved it with a drawing quickly, but wanted to connect it to an equation without being sure how.

The text still includes sub-questions. At this point, I just want Rosie to realize how a mistake on a first step impacts… the other steps. Eventually, she will have to determine on her own, sub-questions she needs to answer to gather all the required information to  solve the main question.  It is a journey !

Until next time !


  • Carpenter, T., Fennema, E., Franke, M., Levi, L. and Empson S. (2014). Children’s Mathematics, Second Edition: Cognitively Guided Instruction. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. ISBN-13:978-0325052878.

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