Drawing math with ballons

Drawing math is a … drawing that I make to discuss math with my children. My oldest (7) likes to invent a word problem that matches the drawing, while my youngest (4) likes counting items ! 


You can discuss with your child about any math in the picture (e.g. counting, patterns). You can also ask your child to invent a word problem that would match the picture. Here are some examples!

  • Addition – There were 2 yellow ballons, 4 green ballons and 5 blue ballons. How many ballons were there all together? (2 + 4 + 5 = 11)
  • Subtraction – There were 21 ballons. 9 were sold. How many ballons were left for sale?  (21 – 9 = 12)
  • Multiplication – There were 3 children. Each child had 3 ballons. How many ballons did the  children have all together? (3 x 3=9)
  • Division – 3 children wanted to share equally  9 ballons. How many ballons would each child get ? (9 ÷ 3 = 3)

Until next time !

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