2016 – Here we come !

2016In the country I come from, France, we have until the end of January to send our New Year wishes so here I am, not that late : Happy New Year, dear readers !

It is time for us to get back to math. Here is a brief snapshot of what you may find here in the coming weeks.

  • Remember Time 4 Fractions? I will start posting weekly word problems on all 4 operations this time (and fractions from time to time, not to forget what we did last Fall). Still, differentiated in 3 levels. Still, an opportunity for children to explore problems. Stay tuned, I should be able to start on Wednesday.
  • Click“, our quick picture-posts spotting that Math is indeed all around, will take us to France for a little while. Conversion of euros to dollars, liters to gallons, etc.
  • Drawing math” will include, from now on, questions that can be asked to young children, in addition to inviting him/her to create  a problem that could match the picture. I do not know about you, but my kids and I are having fun with just talking about math from a drawing.
  • Finally, I am excited to take a course on Algebra this semester ! I may have a lot to share on how preparing young children to this branch of math !

Off we go !


Would love to hear from you !

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