Want to do math at night? Try Bedtime Math® !

Another book I have discovered recently: Bedtime Math®, by Laura Overdeck and Illustrated by Jim Paillot. It is series of books, actually, but I just bought the first one for now.

Each page includes a short text about a fun fact (e.g. “exploding food”, “extreme vehicles”, etc) , and  3 levels of word problems (one for the “wee ones”, one for the “Little Kids” and one for the “Big Kids). Click here to see an example of pages displayed on Amazon.

My daughter (1st grade) and I have been doing it at night for a little while, and I must admit, we are having a good time.  My child might get frustrated exploring some of these problems on her own because of the wordings, and the format, rather different than what she does at school. But to discuss and explore informally together, before turning off the lights, it is a neat book. I do like the idea of combining reading and math. The “Wee ones” problems are the ones we usually discuss at night, as most of the time, we would need at least paper, if not manipulatives to explore the “Little Kids” level. That would be more a “Daytime” Math for us. The “Big Kids” Level is most of the time, out of reach for us. These problems cover indeed a wide range of skills !

You may want to give it a try ! If you are interested, check their website here, the books can be bought on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.


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