Play dough mathematics


Quick post. I recently read an article from Caswell (2007) about play dough mathematics that I found quite inspiring. The article is focused on using play dough to support a deeper understanding of fractions in upper grade (e.g. comparing fractions, 2/3 to 4/5, etc). Pretty cool, when you think about it, and I will definitely give it a try with Rosie, 7, with our next Time 4 Fractions problem. Until then, I will add play dough to our “math tool box”, next to buttons, containers, dice, and base Ten blocks. Always interesting to see how a child may decide to use a new learning tool :-)


Caswell, R. (2007). Fractions from Concrete to Abstract Using “Playdough Mathematics”. Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, 12(2), 14-17.

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