And the winner is…

The result of the poll I posted last week (here) was quite instructive. Definitely worth a quick post to share the ranking !

Hand-on activities to explore math concepts was first. Well, I am not surprised that this topic ranked first. I just feel bad that I haven’t posted as many hand-on activities as I would have liked these past 2 months. But I see the light at the end of tunnel with the 2 graduate courses I am taking this semester, so it is just a question of time to be back on track.

Second, Thoughts the author may have on math elementary education. Quite reassuring. OK, then, I will keep sharing my thoughts!

Then, 3rd place was a tie !

Suggestion of children books related to math – Good to know ! I will definitely keep seeking little treasures from the literature.

Word problems a child can solve on his/her own – SO glad this topic made it to the Top 3 ! So when I am done with posting problems through our Time 4 Fractions journey (most likely, beginning of December), I am going to post some more ! I truly enjoy writing word problems, and observing children exploring them, solving them and becoming more confident in their math skills. I will keep the same format (3 levels of difficulty), the same philosophy (cognitive guided instruction), but will explore all four operations.

Thanks, readers ! The poll sure was informative !

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