A quick reflection on Time 4 Fractions

When I am on a journey, I often need to stop, and look back. Just to make sure I am not missing anything. So here I am, doing so with our “Time 4 Fractions” journey.

  1. First, here is a quick map of where we are, right between Problem #4 and #5. We did two problems on multiplication (e.g. Problem #1 – “Mr. Wood is walking along a pond. He sees 3 water lily pads. On each pad, there are 2 frogs. How many frogs does Mr. Wood see ?”), two problems on measurement divisions (e.g. Problem #3 – “Mr Moose has 4 eggs and some baskets. He wants to put 2 eggs in each basket. How many baskets can he fill?”). Our next two weeks will likely be on partitive divisions. One week of review and we will be ready to start exploring equal sharing problems and fractions !  However, I will keep including multiplication and division problems with whole numbers along the journey. I know my kid would benefit from solving more of these problems, and exploring further mathematical relationships. Your child may too.
  2. SequenceT4FI am on this journey with my child who is a 1st grader. But thanks to friends who have kids from K to 5, I can see what other kids may do at home with their parents. This is quite fascinating to see how all children can solve a similar problem while using different strategies. Even with the equation, one may use a repeated addition or subtraction, while others may use a multiplication or a division, depending on what they have learned at school.
  3. I have noticed that my child truly enjoy having the freedom to pick her own numbers with Level Red, once she has solved a Level Yellow or Orange. And so do some of my friends’ kids. I will definitely keep this option open. As a parent, though, I check she picks numbers that are not going to be too high or frustrating to solve the problem (although I must admit that, so far, she has always picked numbers that are just at the right level for her).
  4. And for what it is worth, I am having fun :-) Not only with watching my child grow, but with writing a problem every week. So far, I have found my inspiration in … my carvings, but I may run out of options soon. Who knows where my ideas are going to come from next !

See you tomorrow with Problem #5, our first partitive division problem ! Thank you to all of you who have joined us in our journey ! Comments or feedbacks? Please feel free to share !

Would love to hear from you !

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