Summer 2015 – End of our journey !

Hard to believe that Summer is almost over. Tomorrow, I will start my 5th course as a graduate student. Another week, and my daughter Rosie will start 1st grade, and my son Tom “Pre-Pre-K”. I believe it is time to close the review of the K Standards we started in June, with a wrap-up post.

  • Looking back to the Common Core website (here), it looks like we covered most concepts. Most of all, we enjoyed ourselves. With Math. I thought we would have more opportunities to measure with a purpose. Measuring a tent in a store to see if it would fit in our living room was a fun measurement problem for Rosie to solve (Pit Stop #4). Still, I need to find more. Also, we did not explore graphs as much as I would have liked. I think it would have been relevant, as I said in Pit Stop #8, to, somehow, connect the series of classifications Rosie did, to graphs from a newspaper, or TV.
  • I have always done Math with my kids, but this Summer was the first time I purposely connected it with Rosie‘s learning from School. I will never stop. Witnessing Rosie joining together her School learning with our daily life as a family was extremely rewarding as a parent.
  • Our math sessions were always pretty short. Maybe 5-10 min. Still, at the end of Summer, when you do the Math, we covered quite a bit, without noticing it. I think what worked well for us was to find the right window to do these quick sessions at the same time every day. As a part of our routine. In Summer, it was right after breakfast. Once School resumes, we will have to find another time, but we will keep “taking” our daily dose of Math.
  • Math-related games were a hit. Every one of them. If your child is reluctant to do Math at home, playing games may be a good way to start. You can find a few on this blog (I will keep adding more and more) and hundreds on Pinterest !
  • I was astounded by how much Rosie enjoyed exploring word problems, at her pace, on her own. And how much her reasoning skills have grown at the same time. Definitely something I will continue nurturing at home. And on the blog. Stay tuned, I will write a special post on that in the coming days.
  • It was so instructive to just take the time to listen to Rosie‘s way of thinking. Whatever her answer was, asking her why, why and why she did what she did always lead us to endless discussions. Give it a try  !
  • I will never forget our 2D/3D shapes hunts (here and here). From a walk in the wood, we ended up looking for shapes all Summer long. It really was a lot of fun to see Rosie taking the lead of her learning. I can’t wait to follow her through her next exploration.

This is it ! I hope you enjoyed following our Summer journey.

Now, are you ready for our next trip ? My head is boiling of new ideas to share on this blog. More to come this week !

Would love to hear from you !

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