Reviewing ordinal numbers with Anno’s book

I recently discovered math books from Mitsumasa Anno, a Japanese illustrator and writer of children’s books. As a book worm, eager to explore them further, I ordered a bunch of them online and I will write a special post once I get them.

But I cannot resist to share a quick preview.

The book “Anno’s Math Games” is full of short stories beautifully illustrated, and associated with math-related questions. Perfect to have some impromptu math discussions when we read books at night !


I have been looking for fun ways to use/discuss ordinal numbers with my daughter Rosie  for the past 2-3 weeks and this book was perfect to do so. Looking at the picture below, I would pick a window, and ask Rosie “who is at the second appartment on the right on the fifth floor?”. Then, Rosie would pick a window, and I would have to find the apartment following her instruction.


More to come about Anno’s books, but check them out ! They may have them at your library !

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  • Becca Leech

    Oh, I had forgotten all about these books! What a treasure. We had several of them when my children were little. Every time we opened them, they sparked a new mathematical discussion or discovery. My children are off at college now, but I really feel these books were essential to both of them developing an ease and interest in math. I especially think they were good for my little girl to access math in such a story-like way.

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