Summer 2015 – Pit Stop #7

Throughout Summer, I review with my daughter Rosie the math concepts she learned in Kindergarten. A few minutes of Math. Daily. And every Sunday, I write a “Pit Stop” to help you follow our journey. And join us. 

Welcome to Pit Stop #7. What have we been doing this week  ?

Exploring the decimal system – Our main activity was playing the game with the Base-Ten blocks I posted a few days ago (here). A good way to review also, while playing, 1) counting by Ten to 100, 2) decomposing numbers (45 = 40 + 5). I know, K Standards are focused on smaller numbers, but now that Rosie has understood how it works, she truly enjoys playing with upper numbers.

Word problems – We try to solve 2-3 word problems every week. See my previous post here to find examples of word problems.

Measuring Rosie helped me make some Crepes this week, a great opportunity to informally talk about measurement. “You just measured how much flour we need. But what else can we measure?”.

Classifying / representing data – Nope

Geometry – We have been working on recognizing 2D shapes, and 3 shapes for the past few weeks. This week, we opened the discussion to why a shape is named a triangle, or a rectangle, etc.

I started with drawing a triangle. IMG_4080

“What is it, Rosie?”

“A triangle”


“Because it has 3 sides!”

I drew something with 3 sides, that was not a triangle.

“How about this one?”

And so on. We did not go into formal definitions, I just wanted Rosie to start thinking further about why a triangle is triangle. And it was fun to do. I drew, then Rosie drew. Definitely an activity I will explore further. You should try it, too !

That’s the end of Pit #7. Hope it helps !

Would love to hear from you !

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