When the perfect opportunity to connect with Math at home happens

Since summer break started, my 6 year old daughter Rosie and I have taken the habit to “wake up our brain” with Math. For just a few minutes, after breakfast, we play a game to review addition, or we solve a word problem. Or we build up a Lego® set, just to make sure Rosie associated Math with something rather enjoyable as often as possible. Indeed, sorting out Legos® pieces, following the steps of the instruction, orienting the pieces according to the pictures, Rosie does strengthen her Math skills, doesn’t she?

But I do not think you have to do a formal Math time to support Math at home. You can also look for impromptu opportunities to connect Math with what your child does. At the store, at a base ball game, in the car. Indeed, what I often look forward the most with doing Math at home are these magic on-the-go moments where I can tell that Rosie is having a an “math moment”, a discernment. It may take a little bit of practice to identify these moments, but once you do, it sure is joyful to look for them.

Like when, a few days ago, Rosie and I were assembling a desk from Ikea® together. A silent team work, at first, as Rosie was sorting out the hardware, handing me the pieces according to the sequence of the instruction while I was putting together the desk. Until Rosie opened the discussion :

– Rosie : “That is so funny, it is like when we do Legos, Mom, except that I am the one looking for the pieces, and you are the one putting it together !”

Indeed, whether you build up a Lego® car or an Ikea® desk, it is astounding how the instructions look alike, isn’t it?



– Me: “You are right ! It is quite similar. So, what do you think we are doing?”


– Rosie: “Wait, are we doing Math, right now? We are sorting. We have 3D shapes. We are doing Math, right ? That is so coooooooool !”.

So here it was. The magic moment I am so fond of. The perfect opportunity to support Math development. At home.

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