Summer 2015 – Pit Stop #5

Throughout Summer, I review with my daughter Rosie the math concepts she learned in Kindergarten. A few minutes of Math. Daily. And every Sunday, I write a “Pit Stop” to help you follow our journey. And join us. 

Welcome to Pit Stop #5. Half way through Summer ! What have we been doing this week  ?

Exploring the decimal system – We kept playing with the Base-10 blocks, trading Tens for Ones, Hundreds for Tens, and so on. We also used the blocks to represent numbers that would come up in a discussion or in book. For instance, we had to take a 141-mile trip, so we made 141 with the blocks. Wait, we have to come back home ! Another 141 blocks, 282 in total. What would be a longer trip? a shorter trip? Etc.

We also used ordinal numbers with some Legos figurines. I invented a story (e.g. “one day, there were 5 children going to School. The girl with the long hair arrived 1st. The boy with the blue shirt arrived 2nd. Etc.”) , and Rosie placed the characters. Then, she told a story and I placed the character.  Rosie seemed to enjoy it, and you can easily switch the Legos figurines to cars, or whatever interest your child.

Word problems – We did a few addition problems, varying the unknown parts (see my recent post here).

We started working on subtraction word problems (e.g. “Rosie had 6 popsicles. She ate 2 popsicles. How many popsicles does Rosie have left?”) representing the problems with at least two different ways (i.e. a drawing and an equation, or using blocks and an equation, etc.)

And I continued to provide Rosie with an equation and asked her to invent a word problem that would match the equation (see Pit Stop # 4). As I hoped last week, she did have fun coming up with all kind of stories.

Measuring – Just an informal discussion related to measurement, as Rosie saw her Mom getting quite frustrated with having to take quick measurements with the only measuring tape on hand: alas not in cm but in inches. I admit it,  growing up with the metric system, I am not sure I will ever get completely used to the US customary system. But I am trying, Rosie !

Classifying / representing data – Nothing this week.

Geometry – Nothing this week either. Will likely start working on 3D shapes next week.

That’s the end of Pit #5. Hope it helps !

Would love to hear from you !

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