Summer 2015 – Pit Stop #3

Throughout Summer, I review with my daughter Rosie the math concepts she learned in Kindergarten. Every Sunday, I write a “Pit Stop” to help you follow our journey. And join us. 

Welcome to Pit Stop #3 . What have we been doing this week  ?

Exploring the decimal system Rosie made a board game a few months ago, that we still use pretty often. Each player starts from START and go to END, taking turn rolling the die. When a player lands on a colored step, he/she draws a card from a set. Sometimes, the set is focused on literacy, sometimes on math. But the reason I am talking about it this week is that Rosie started figure it out the decimal system the day she made the board game, numerating all steps. By the step 39, she knew that 40 would come next, after 49 would come 50, and so on.  So playing this week with the board game, looking at the pattern of the numerals, counting the steps by 5, 10, etc. was a smooth transition towards our next step of exploring place value with the Base 10 blocks (stay tuned, I will write a special post on that in the coming days).


Word problems – I want Rosie to enjoy Math at school as much as at home. So from time to time, I go to the Department of Public Instruction of our State, North Carolina (see here), to find tasks similar to the ones Rosie could do at School (alas, away from seahorses !). After working on decomposing 10 in pairs of numbers, I selected a word problem (here, page 12) on decomposing numbers less than 10 into pairs in more than one way, another K Standard : “Bobby Bear is missing 5 buttons on his jacket. How many ways can you use blue and red buttons to finish his jacket? Draw a picture of all your ideas.” Then, we change the numbers of buttons, to explore more pairs of numbers.

Measuring – Nothing formal, time to come up with something soon !

Classifying / representing data – Last week, Rosie started sorting buttons. This week, we went a step further. She picked an attribute (color) to classify the buttons, and sorted the categories by count, a K standard. I also asked her to represent what she was doing, just to see where she was with data representation.


Geometry – Our main activity this week was to talk about shapes (see my previous post here  about our shape hunt). Rosie has been into shapes since, playing with shape tiles we have at home, allowing me to review with her name shapes  and composing simple shapes to form larger shapes.


That’s the end of Pit #3. Hope it helps !

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