Shapes, shapes, all around

By now, if you have followed our journey for a few posts, you must have noticed my never-ending quest of showing my children that math is 1) everywhere, and 2) enjoyable. This week, we explored geometry. In the woods. And the kids had a blast.

Our shape hunt started at a gazebo, where we found triangles, circles, rectangles, squares, and trapezoids. Even an octagon, the bottom cord of the roof. The kids lay down on the floor to better look at it. And so did I.

IMG_3282 IMG_3283

We continued on a trail, and found, among many other shapes, a rhombus. A square, to be more precise, as Rosie realized when she tilted her head to the side. Yeap, Rosie, regardless of its orientation, it is still a square.

IMG_3291 IMG_3292

We saw 2D shapes, 3D shapes.


We even found a heart shape…


… and started talking about line of symmetry thanks to a beautiful blue flower.


Go out, give it a try, we had such a good time… doing math. Away from home.

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