Summer 2015 – Pit stop # 1

Once a week, I will list all math activities Rosie and I did during the week to review what she learned in K.

And I will call these posts a  Pit Stop.

The goal ? Look back at what we have done for the past week. Review our initial plan (here). Check where we are. Step back. And decide where we should go next. More important, it should help you come aboard easily if you have a K/1st grader, and want to follow us through Summer or start later on.

So here we are, Pit Stop #1 . What have we been doing this week  ?

Exploring the decimal system – Our first week was mostly focused on exploring the base-ten system, and more precisely, decomposing 10 into pairs of numbers. You remember my post on motivation, right? If not, it is here. Starting with exploring pairs that make 10 was, I believe, an appropriate level of competence for Rosie. Not too boring. Not too frustrating. Knowing that it would still give me the chance to stay focused on the 10 digits of the decimal system (0 to 9), and check 1) Rosie‘s writing of all digits, 2) her understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantities, and 3) her understanding of addition. And go from there.

As you know, we started with exploring pairs that make 10 with Legos, and playing a card game to practice (see post here). We also added the following activities.

  • How many buttons ? This game is pretty simple. Put 10 buttons on the table, and a cup. One player hides some buttons under a cup. The other player guessed how many are underneath the cup. Rosie LOVES that game. So much that I now have a small bag with 10 buttons in my backpack so we can play when we have to wait somewhere. Pairs that make 10

Pairs that make 10

  • What is the Password ?  Rosie learned a lot of sight words in Kindergarten, I mean, a lot. So we used them as  passwords on our doors. You want to go in? Read the sight word on the door. “Sesame, open!”.  Obviously, by the end of the year, our doors were crowded with passwords, but still, Rosie enjoyed it. Last week, we removed all sight words, and replaced them with pairs that make 10. I would have just written a numeral and the password would have been the complementary to 10, but Rosie decided to write an equation with a missing numeral, i.e. the password to say out loud. I told you before, it is crucial to me that Rosie connects a numeral to a number, so I would not use our password system without the games/exploration we do in parallel, but Rosie sure enjoys these cards on the door. Your kid may too ?


Word problems –  I will write a special post on that later on this week. Stay tuned.

Measuring – At this point, I just talk about measuring when an opportunity shows up. When we are in the workshop (quite often), when I am cooking (quite rarely). For instance, Rosie decided to build a bed for her “bird”. So I let her draw the blue print. Then, I cut the pieces for her, and she puts them together. Just a good way to start talking about length. Not too short. Not too long. Just perfect. I will write a more detailed post on measurement in the coming weeks.

Bed for a bird

Classifying / representing data – Nope, nothing this week.

Geometry – And nope again. But most likely, next week.

That’s the end of Pit #1. Hope it helps !

Would love to hear from you !

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