Deck of cards, here and there

I have to share a quick comment on my latest post. A tiny confession, if I may, on the card game.

I do not play cards that much, well, I used to, in France, but not so much since I moved to the US. So when I found this deck of cards in one of our drawers to start playing with Rosie.


Weird, was probably the word that came into my mind. But naturally, I thought “Oh well, not the first time I found out that something here, the US, is different from there, France”.

So I started playing with Rosie. In blue, green and more.

Until my American husband came and said “wow, these cards look weird”. Maybe wondering if the cards were from there.

Anyway, now, we use that deck of cards


Much easier to play with as Rosie can connect the numeral to the number of clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. Indeed, Rosie has enjoyed playing the game much much more. So much more that I updated my latest post with Buzz and Woody playing with the right deck.

Welcome to my world. It is weird, sometimes.

Would love to hear from you !

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