Planning our Summer journey  

I mentioned in my second post that my plan for this coming summer was to review the Math my daughter, Rosie, had been learning at School this past year in Kindergarten. Time for me to come up with a plan.

First step, obviously: what to review. Since we live in North Carolina, one of the 43 states which has adopted the Common Core Standards in both English and Math, I went to the Common Core State Standards Initiative website (click here ). Have a look, on their website, you will find some information about the Common Core Standards, how they were designed, whether or not your State has adopted these Standards, etc.

And of course, all the Standards, by grade level (click here) .

Looking at these Standards, as a parent, I often wonder how to make sure that my child, while studying these Standards at school, does not forget to “step back”. Kind of like when I carve a face (I am a woodcarver, bear with me if many of my examples come from my workshop, I can’t help it), and I am so focused on the details of the nostrils that I do not see that I placed the nose where the mouth should be.

Does Rosie see the “whole picture”? Does she know why she learns these skills? How they connect to one another? How they are useful outside Math instruction?

Sorting toys at home and sorting beads at school, seems kind of obvious these are identical skills, right? Well, you may be surprised but, it is not that obvious when you are 6. Even if it is discussed at school throughout the year, it takes time  to make connections. So this Summer, my daughter and I will “step back”. And review the skills she has learned, in the context of her daily life.

How could you come aboard?

Once School is over (June 12 for us), I will post  weekly what Rosie and I  have been working on (playing with, I should say) for the past few days.  All around the following concepts :

  • exploring, exploring, and exploring the base 10 system (i.e. “understand the system and what is underneath a digit”, see Dr Faulkner’s TEDx Talk from previous post),
  • representing word problems, with a picture, with manipulatives, and connecting each part of the story to an equation (e.g. “There are 3 bears in the story. I can draw them. In pink, purple, and rainbow, it does not matter. I can represent them with tallies. I can write an equation in which the digit 3 represents the 3 bears” and so on)
  • measuring, with a purpose, through recipes, blue prints, etc.
  • classifying all kind of things, interviewing friends and make graphs
  • exploring geometry all around us

I will also write follow-up posts with any feedback I may receive from you.

Now, remember my first post? I said that I wanted my kids to fall in love with Math. Stay tuned, my next post will be on “packing the right suitcase”, to make sure we all get excited about our Summer journey.

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