How the blog is going to work

When I go on a journey, I am the kind of person who likes to know what to expect. I do not need a rigid structure, just need to know some basics. Where I am going to sleep. When I am going to eat. So, naturally, I thought that setting up what to expect with this blog might be helpful. A little bit tedious, maybe, but, nonetheless, helpful.

1. My background, early childhood / math elementary education, will obviously lead me to targeting elementary grades, PK to 5th grade.

2. I will do my best to limit the posts to a 200-500 word range. It may be a long journey, but it is going to be full of short legs.

3. Regularly (weekly, seems to be a right pace at this point), I am going to share thoughts, tips, books, websites, etc. that I have found useful to 1) better understand what children learn at School in Math, 2) strengthen their learning in Math, and 3) reinforce the connection between the Math instruction they receive at School and their day-to-day life.

4. In addition to these short reflections, I will share word problems, hand-on activities, questions that I do and discuss with my children, that you could do and discuss with your child. I let my children explore problems on their own. With paper, scissors, crayons. Blocks and Legos®. Trucks and princesses, if it helps. So they develop their own connections, at their own pace.

  • This summer, I will review with my oldest child the math concepts she has learned in Kindergarten. And discuss with her why, why and why she has learned all of these skills, and how, how, how they are helpful in life. I always try to make problems as generic as possible, at least when I introduce a concept. “I am thinking about moving our couch to the other room. Do you think it would fit? How could we check?”. So hopefully, even if your child is in a upper grade, you can still find some ideas from my posts throughout Summer.
  • When School resumes, I will continue our journey with Fractions. From K. Up to upper grades. And I can’t wait for that. More to come in the Fall.

Now, I have to warn you that English is not my native language. Hear me say “hamburger” and you will figure it out immediately. Although I promise you that I will edit my posts as carefully, thoughtfully as possible, please, please, bear with me if you see a linguistic mistake. The good news for you is that I go to both English-speaking and French-speaking education websites, read books from here and there, and will be able to share all the good stuff I may find with you.

Finally, this blog is a journey that I want all of you to benefit from. Please, feel free to share any feedback, ask any questions you may have in connection with the blog, through the Contact form, or by email journey2helpchildrenwithmath(at)gmail(dot)com.

Time to stop now. I am just reaching 500 words.

2 responses to “How the blog is going to work

  • Kimberly Talikoff

    You think so clearly and I have so much confidence in your path!! I’m PSYCHED and as a mom…*so much calmer*!!!

    (Where were you 11 years ago!!)


    On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 8:25 AM, How I help my elementary-age children with

    • FCY

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Eleven years ago… still living in France… I sure would have never guessed what the next 10 years would bring to my life !!!

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