“I hate Math. I always have !”

A few weeks ago, I had a pretty deep discussion with my mother-in-law about Math. Quite rapidly, she offered her feeling about Math.

“I hate Math. I always have !”.

Now, how can such an inspiring cook like you hate Math? You do Math. Every. Single. Day. Convert cups into deciliters. Add tablespoons to teaspoons. And so on. And so on. And seem to enjoy it.

“Well, I have never thought about Math that way”

How many of us have never thought about Math that way?

At School, making connections between Math and real life is more and more present. Teachers, all around the country, are finding ways to provide a more conceptual Math instruction than what my Mother-in-law received. But what can I do, as a parent, to help my children connect with Math? What can I do, as a parent, to support the teachers’ efforts?

I want my children to fall in love with Math.  I have been talking about Math with them since they were born, to help them realize, from a young age, that Math is, indeed, all around.  Building with Legos? Assembling puzzles? Sharing cookies with a sibling? Making scones for breakfast? All are obvious examples that come to my mind. But there are so many more.

Now that they are as School, I want them to see that all the math skills they learn at School, are useful at home. For every single worksheet my children may bring from School, I want to make sure they know why they are learning these skills. Why do you think you measured a book with paper clips? Why did you sort beads by color? Why is it helpful to master such skills? Why? Why? Why?

As a graduate student in Math elementary education, I read, research about Math. I learn tips, guidelines that I will enjoy using, without a doubt, when I go back into teaching. But right now, I found them helpful as a parent. So helpful that I thought I should share what I do to strengthen my children’s skills in Math at home. Just as a continuation of all the things they learn at School. For you all, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, whoever is wondering how to help a child with Math.

So come aboard, let’s go on a journey. A journey where I will regularly post tips, thoughts, Math problems – that will, I hope, help our children connect with Math.

That’s it for now. More to come – very soon. Stay tuned.

Would love to hear from you !

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